photo booth for rent

What is photo booth?

A photo booth can be any kind of automated camera system that can be worked by the subject. 

Everything from an ipad app to the classic booth in which you get your passport photos made can be

reffered to as a photo booth.



The photo booths that I offer are designed and built by me to meet the highest standards and deliver

consistent high quality images while being as reliable as can be.

Keeping things simple while using the best possible components does the trick for me.

“Photo booth is all about having a good time.”

The operation is a no-brainer and the performance is rock steady.

Setting the booths up does not require any special room or much space.

A dedicated corner of a room will do. Almost any background can do the trick.

99% of the time there is no specific need for extra backdrops of any kind.


What do the photo booths look like?

photo booth auf hochzeitsfeier
Photo Booth I
photobooth für hochzeitsfeier
Photo Booth II

What makes these photo booths so special and what's the difference between the two?

In terms of basic set-up both all models (yes, there are more to come) are quite similar. All photo booths are equiped with mirrorless digital camera delivering professional image quality up to par with DSLR standards. The photo booths are activated wirelessly with radio triggers built into rock steady buzzers. 

Photo booth I relies on an off camera flash system that can be scaled according to your needs in terms of illuminated space and group size whereas Photo booth II is a very easy to set up all-in-one solution with sophisticated integrated lighting. 


All integrated components can run of the power grid as well as on batteries making it easy to adapt to any kind of set up situation.

Where do we set up the photo booth?

photo booth accessories displayed at a weddings in berlin
Photo booth accessories
photo booth being used at a wedding in berlin
Photo booth set up in a lounge area

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